Please and Thank You

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To whom it may concern:

In the midst of a Global Pandemic you would assume that people valued human life more than partying on a beach or showing up for church on Sunday morning. With numbers steadily increasing instead of decreasing common sense should tell you that we’re not even close to being out of the woods, therefore Social Isolation is far from over.

Your cries of boredom and loneliness are irrelevant. Now is the time, if the only time in your life, that you use common sense and follow the rules.

Because at this point your only chance of avoiding exposure is keeping your ass posted up on your property for at least thirty days. I can almost guarantee that thirty days will turn into at least sixty days because this thing hasn’t even crested in New York, and middle America is just starting to feel the effects.

Sadly, the majority of Americans are still ignoring the severity of this situation and by the time extreme measures are taken thousands of people have been exposed and effected.

The President is not right, his advisors do not even agree with him, therefore listening to him is dangerous at this point.

Why on Earth a Stay at home order isn’t in effect across all 50 states is beyond me. The States showing low numbers isn’t because people aren’t effected, it’s due to the lack of tests available. Think about the number of people who attended festivals and Mardi Gras. How about the people released from Cruise Ships, and all of the flights across the nation and world before the President took this seriously.

Look, I say this with all of our brave soldiers out there on the front line in mind, do everyone in the Nation a favor and stay home.

Thank you Doctors and Nurses, and everyone else in Healthcare, for putting your life on the line. Thank you to all Law enforcement and first responders. Thank you housekeepers, restaurant owners and employees, public and private transportation , , grocery store and convince store employees, all of our Government, State, and City officials, Journalists and Reporters for keeping us up to date. Thank you to EVERYONE out there putting your life on the line to protect and save our citizens.

Thank you to the Entertainers who are keeping us entertained online.

A huge thank you to our County Judge John Gothia and Mayor Larry Spears Jr., as well as all other county and city officials behind the scenes. You guys are doing an amazing job.

Finally, if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 and you continue to expose yourself to the public, shame on you. We are all in this together. It’s not a joke. It is your responsibility to contact your Healthcare provider if you are showing signs. Claiming to be sick with no prof and not self isolating is dangerous for all of us. If you think that you’re sick then act like it. Do not put innocent people at risk. If you are scheduled to test, show up for the test.

If you are in a position to help those that cannot help themselves, do it.

To the citizen of Southeast Texas, if you are experiencing symptoms (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath) or you believe you have been exposed to an infected individual, you can call 409-550-2536 to be evaluated for testing.  The Call Center is open 24-hours, seven days a week. This is our local hotline.

As of April 1, 2020 Southeast Texas has 61 confirmed cases with 12 of those in Orange County.

Stay safe my friends.


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