Bio: Welcome to my world, I'm Jessica, just another stay at home mom trying to figure out how to maintain life as a mom and wife, as I strive to live my best life as well. My journey is far from perfect, my best days are nothing less than controlled chaos, and I'm slowly learning to accept things for what they are, not what they could have been. I've dealt with depression for the greater part of 23 years, and until my daughter was born two years ago, I was unaware of how much of my life has been consumed with mental illness. This is my story, my struggles, my accomplishments, my screw-ups, my joy, my happiness, my meltdowns, my memories, my imperfect journey in my chaotic world. A long, long time ago, I was very unhappy with myself, and I took it out in everyone around me by being a judgemental, critical, opinionated bitch. Fortunately, I recognized the ignorance in myself, and after a lot of soul searching, discovered my true self. I do not judge, and I accept people for who they are, I see past the outer shell and empathize with real-life human struggles. If you take the time to dabble into my life, thank you, and remember, You are not alone.

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